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Sealing may be the most important element in any pavement plan to ensure that surfaces and structures are properly protected against the elements.

Seal Coating benefits:

Great esthetics - Once the pavement has been sealed, it looks new and gives a positive image of the company or home in the process.

Waterproofing – Sealcoating minimizes the influx of water into the pavement. When water gets into the pavement it causes it to expand due to freezing, preventing cracks and potholes. Waterproofing extends the pavement's life and prevents cracks from quickly forming.

Easy to maintain and clean – Sealcoating helps to smooth over the surfaces, making it easier to maintain the surfaces all year round.

Cost Effective – Most importantly, it is cost effective. Sealcoating surfaces extend the life of the surface, helping you save money and time.


Striping Benefits:

Increase parking spaces – One advantage of striping your lot is the increase in parking services that comes from clear designated areas for parking. If your customers do not know where to park, they could park anywhere.

Safety – Would you like to drive around an area where there are no marked areas, arrows, or the striping has faded?  Clearly marked spaces and directions help your customers guide them through your lot in a safe manner.

Handicapped spacing and access - An important part of line striping is to ensure proper access for handicapped, make it easier to identify handicap parking spaces and direct visitors to the most direct path to the building. You will also be ADA compliant.

Asphalt patching

Asphalt holes and cracks can be extremely dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. It's only a matter of time before it gets worse when potholes and other cracks form. Potholes often occur when water enters the pavement through incorrectly sealed cracks and expands as the weather freezes. Patching asphalt is an area which should never be overlooked. In addition to the cosmetic appearance of damaged asphalt, potholes and cracks pose a risk to safety. Without the ongoing maintenance of the asphalt, it will continue to crack and form potholes.

We will help you with any asphalt problem. Whether you have a crack or a forming pothole, we will help you to repair those areas and give you peace of mind that both drivers and footpaths are safe. Nothing is more frustrating than driving over the potholes or seeing the esthetics of a cracked surface.

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